Monday, July 16, 2012

Jurnal Komunikasi, Malaysian Journal of Communication

Relationship of Viewing Islamic based Films with Pro-Social Personality among Teenaged Audience, Jurnal Komunikasi, Vol. 28 (1), 107-120.
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The viewing of Islamic based films or films that contain Islamic
message is seen as a contribution towards positive actions.
Therefore, this study aims to determine the relationship between the
viewing of Islamic based films and the development of pro-social
personality among teenaged audience. The social cognitive theory
was used as the theoretical framework via the three constructs
(observational learning, symbolic modeling through characters
and self-efficacy) as the mediating variables. The research design
employed was a cross-sectional survey where data were collected
through the distribution of questionnaire by using the stratified
random sampling as the sampling technique. 1028 students from
5 public universities in the Klang Valley were taken as the sample
from the 3324 total of the population. The questionnaire was
generated from Prosocial Personality Battery (PSB) (Penner et
al., 1995; Penner, 2002) and General Self-Efficacy Scale (SGSE)
(Sherer et al., 1982). The quantitative data were analyzed by using
the SPSS 18 through the univariate and multivariate statistical
inferential analysis.
Keywords: viewing of Islamic based films, pro-social personality,
social cognitive theory, teenaged audience

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